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Jun 7, - Slave Maker 2 is a 2D hentai RPG managerial game and the sequel to the flash game Planning includes working, school, rest and other activities, including nightly sexual activity. "Slave Maker Revised" -- ingame title.

Slave Maker - Custom Cheat Menu

Problems for stat max capping.

revised slave maker

Small issues for Shampoo. Widescreen map when selecting city.

maker revised slave

Areas for cities, alternate maps for large sections. Edit Slave Maker's Faith. Edit Bitflags on all slaves, the slave maker, and various custom events.

maker revised slave

Edit Time Forward and Reverse. Edit Gold Receive and Lose.

Slave Maker version b3 Fixed from cmacleod42 – Litosh Comics

Xlave items, potions and dresses. Cheat Menu - 3. Cheat Menu - Slave maker revised - 3. Spoiler Extract the contents of the Events folder to your SlaveMaker 3 directory.

You can simply merge the folders. This can be done at the Seer's, found on the map after she visits once.


Pass a day or two. You should get a message saying the cheat menu has been enabled. Feel free to post any comments, suggestions, or bugs and typos. Also if a bug arises on any slave after using this, tell me first, maksr a good chance this did it.

Slave Maker Revised Sex Game Video Playback

This breaks gameplay rules, thus it may cause quirks, especially on custom slaves. Well have definitely replaced manuel.

This is a classic and as brads erotic as gameplay goes it's one of the better games Never could masturbate to it though, It's like going slave maker revised e-hentai and turning on shuffle. TrashBossApr 25, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

maker revised slave

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Very hard to keep the files up-to-date. But who am I to complain if the developer is trying to create the best game possible and still cares slave maker revised bugfixes and the wishes of players.

Curly's World

To say something about the game: It isn't as much an adult game as you might suppose at first. Of course there is lots of sexual content, but you really slave maker revised to concentrate on the business lsave of the game if you want to succeed in the end.

maker revised slave

Wait a week or so after slave maker revised of revused new version, then most bug fixes will be taken care of. New links in first post. First bug fix for v14 is also in.

revised slave maker

Once tested I will post. If you are in slave maker revised hurry, see the Bug report thread at the Futanari Palace After quite a wait, the new release of Slave Maker is here! Please see my last post here for some notes on features and some things to consider.

maker revised slave

Initially I am providing two types of release for this, a torrent and slave maker revised via file hosts. I will be looking now into the Kimochi service https: The entire game is approximately 7Gb.

maker revised slave

For the first day I will also top free adult games uploading some additional file host mirrors, further limiting speed, so please be patient.

Speeding Up the Upgrade: If you separately download the file host links for the Basic PackSlave Pack 11Slave Pack 12and install into your torrent folder, these contain the large majority of all changes to the game. In the install folder of the game for the Basic Pack slave maker revised a file "Slave List.

These vary from Slave maker revised to Mb in size.

Slavemaker Wiki

If multiple links are given then these are interchangeable mirrors, use one or the other as needed. These links can have daily download limits, so if one fails to work try again later, or use the torrent.

As time permits I will slave maker revised additional mirrors.

maker revised slave

All create the same base SlaveMaker 3. Note also the date referenced in some of the names is a typo and these are the current release. Please see my last post slave maker revised some more information, but just to repeat an important one Maket Version The.

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To use the mamer version you must have installed the ActiveX version of the Flash Player. This is available via the normal locations for the player. Posted by cmacleod42 at 2: MKu MKu December 5, at 4: Ramanan Naidu December 5, at 4: Ramanan Naidu December 5, at 5: XHollow1 December 5, at 4: XHollow1 December 5, at 5: XHollow1 December 5, at 9: Anonymous December 6, at 7: BBreeze December gay male sex games, slave maker revised 5: Anonymous December 5, at 4: MKu MKu December 5, at 5: Anonymous December 5, at 5: Anonymous December revieed, slave maker revised 6: MKu MKu December 5, at 6: Anonymous December 5, at 7: Anonymous December 5, at 8: Porno online game December 5, at 8: Frenzy December 5, at ALucard December 6, at 3: Anonymous December 6, at 3: ALucard December 6, at RuBoo December 6, at 4: RuBoo December 7, at 4: RuBoo December 8, at 7: Anonymous December 6, at 5: Anonymous December slave maker revised, at 6: Anonymous December 6, at 8: Anonymous December 6, at Anonymous December 7, at Mr D December Sex Toy Dealer, at 8: Slave maker revised December 7, at 9: Anonymous December 7, at 1: Unknown December 7, at 3: Anonymous December 7, at 3: Anonymous December 7, at 5: Mefisto December 7, slave maker revised 9: William G Klett December 7, at 5: Neferaton Slave maker revised 7, at 6: Anonymous December 8, at 1: Anonymous December 8, at Anonymous December 8, at 5: Anonymous December 8, at 8: Anonymous December 8, at 9: Squark December 8, at 2: Squark December 9, at 3: Jos Spencer December 8, at 5: William G Klett December 9, at 1: William G Klett December 9, at Story sex games G Klett December 10, at 4: Anonymous December 9, at 2: Anonymous December 9, at 3: Anonymous December 9, at 5: Drago December 9, at 7: Anonymous December 10, at Anonymous December 10, at 8: Anonymous December 10, at 9: Anonymous December 11, at 7: William G Klett December 11, at 8: Anonymous Gevised 12, at 2: Anonymous December 11, at Anonymous December 11, at ,aker Julia Julia December 12, at Anonymous December 12, at 8: Anonymous December 12, at 4: Anonymous December 12, at 5: Squark December 12, at Anonymous December 12, at Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

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